MEINL Sonic Energy Small Steel Tongue Drum G minor SSTD2NB

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Meinl Sonic Energy's Small Steel TongueDrums can be played by any music lover, teacher or sound therapist. These scaled-down versions of our traditional Steel TongueDrums are handy instruments that fit anywhere.
From sound therapy to the classroom, office, or your coffee table, these 7" diameter drums can be played by anyone, anywhere, regardless of skill level. Thanks to their harmonious tones, there are no off-sounding tones. The tone is warm and soothing (like that of a gentle steel pan drum) Includes a pair of rubber-tipped wooden mallets and a pouch.

Pretuned to: G minor (G4, Bb4, C5, D5, F5, G5, Bb5, C6)
Feature: Handy Steel TongueDrums
Feature: Soft and soothing sound

Feature: Minor scales are suitable for expressing feelings and thoughtfulness
Ideal for: yoga studios, sound therapy, classrooms or your living room table
Including: bag, a pair of wooden mallets with rubber heads
Materials: Coated steel