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Blaxx by Stagg Model BX-CHORUS Electric Guitar Effect Pedal - Classic Chorus
Stagg Blaxx Chorus Electric Guitar Effect PedalThe BLAXX CHORUS effects pedal is from the vast range of Stagg compact effects pedals and gives you that classic chorus effect. Weighing in at just 3 ounces the pedals may be small but they are built from die cast metal housing with heavy-duty on/off footswitches and LED indicator that altogether gives you a pedal that you can rely on. The BX- CHORUS has a primary rotor control that lets you set the rate of the chorus effect and two other commands to adjust the output volume and to change the depth of the chorus waveform. The pedal has in/out 1/4 inch jack input/outputs and runs off a 9V battery or a 9V power supply (available separately).


  • Classic Chorus effects pedal
  • Rotor chorus speed control Level
  • Output volume Depth - adjusts the depth of the chorus effect waveform
  • True BYPASS footswitch
  • Sturdy Metal Frame"