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Yamaha THR100HD Amplifier Head
Double version of the THR100H
Both channels can be mixed or called up individually
100 watts
5 Amp Simulations - Modern, Lead, Crunch, Clean, Solid,
5 tube simulations - 6V6, EL84, KT88, 6L6GC, EL34
Only 4.2kg
Boost function
Lightweight and compact amplifier head
High-quality sound with volume, sound pressure and dynamic values ​​that one would rather expect from tube amplifiers
Yamaha's exclusive VCM technology provides virtual modeling of both the amp and power tube sections
Equipped with the same high-quality reverb circuitry found in Yamaha's high-end mixers
Newly developed class D power amplifier
Impulse Response Speaker Simulation
USB 2.0 interfaces
Including foot switch
Line Out Yes
weight 1-20kg
Effects Yes (hall)
Channels 2
Performance 100-200 watts
Preliminary transistor
▸ Power stage digital
▸ Grind-in path Yes
DI Out Yes
Line In Yes