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Active Nanoflex pickup with integrated preamp electronics. The SH NFX-AC is a professional undersaddle pickup for acoustic and classical guitars that produces an absolutely pure, natural sound. All Nanoflex pickups pick up both the vibrations of the strings and those of the bridge and thus transmit a sound that is similar to that of a microphone-bridge pickup combination!

The pickup is 100% hum-free due to the NFX technology developed by Shadow. Installation is quick and easy. Since no changes have to be made to the instrument for installation, the SH NFX-AC is also ideal for older and/or more expensive guitars. The output jack with volume control is attached to the bridge (next to the bridge slot) with double-sided tape. The integrated 3V cell battery (2032) lasts for a year due to its low energy consumption.

  • Highly sensitive undersaddle pickup,
  • unprecedented and absolutely pure sound transmission,
  • volume control,
  • 3.5 mm jack socket,
  • 3V cell battery,
  • low energy consumption