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  • Pan flute with 15 pipes
  • Pitch range: G major: G'-AH- CDEF#-GAHCDEF#-G''
  • Chromatic
  • Curved model
  • Wooden straps with decoration
  • Electronically tuned
  • The pan flute is processed with natural oils and raw materials!
  • No varnishes are used!
  • Made in South Tyrol
  • Romanian design

The Plaschke pan flute is one of the main instruments that are handcrafted in Lagundo.
The pan flute is a high quality and affordable musical instrument. By using natural raw materials - such as hard reeds (arundo donax) that have been stored for several years and selected woods - the Plaschke pan flute is created in the heart of South Tyrol through fine craftsmanship. All models of the classic form (Romanian form) are electronically tuned and subjected to a strict final inspection. On request, we can also make custom-made products, for example different tunings, left-handed, etc.
The panpipes are processed with natural oils - no varnish is used!