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  • Designed to improve sound quality in the battery-powered portable PA segment, with high SPL and full bandwidth
  • Compact, lightweight and weatherproof design coupled with extended battery life - longer runtime for gigs and events, indoors or outdoors
  • Flexible all-in-one features including QuickSmart Mobile App and Bluetooth® for premium control and streaming, onboard mixer and studio-quality effects - an easy-to-use and versatile choice for musicians, DJs, fitness/activity trainers, events /Assemblies and more

As Electro-Voice's first battery-powered speaker and first weatherproof model of its kind, the EVERSE 8 benefits from Electro-Voice's decades of engineering expertise and the latest technological developments to deliver a truly to offer a portable and wireless audio experience at a price and performance level unmatched by comparable products on the market.

Whether for live music, vocal reinforcement and/or audio playback, musicians, DJs, production/rental companies, fitness/fitness trainers and other professional, amateur and recreational users can all benefit from the superior sound quality, ease of use and benefit from the EVERSE 8's all-in-one PA system design - a concept that brings true pro audio performance to a wider audience than ever before. The EVERSE 8 is available in black or white finishes, adding an aesthetic aspect to its versatility.

With a maximum sound pressure level of 121 dB and a wide, uniform coverage angle of 100º x 100º, the EVERSE 8 defies its compact form factor and sets uncompromising new standards in its product segment . Core components include an 8-inch woofer equipped with EV's patented SST (Signal Synchronized Transducers) port design and a high-performance titanium tweeter mounted on a custom constant-directional waveguide. And like all Electro-Voice portable speakers, EVERSE 8's system reliability has been verified through extensive music abuse and endurance testing.

EVERSE 8 is powered by a custom-designed, high-capacity Li-ion battery optimized for audio use, providing up to 12 hours of playtime. A protective circuit reduces the risk of the battery discharging to such a low voltage that it can no longer be charged - for example after a long period of storage. Thanks to tool-free screws, the battery can be removed effortlessly. Uncompromising sound quality, without a plug.

In combination with the robust polypropylene housing, the EVERSE 8 meets protection class IP43 (splash-proof and protected against light rain) thanks to the supplied weatherproof input cover, even in battery operation and Bluetooth® streaming. Built-in feet with non-slip rubber pads ensure the system stays in place. Take EVERSE 8 outside, busking, practicing with the marching band, backyard BBQ or wherever a PA is needed, no matter the weather forecast.

Every detail of the EVERSE 8 is designed to be easy to carry - while furthering EV's reputation for durability. The ergonomically designed soft-touch handle and premium lightweight construction make transporting and assembling the EVERSE 8 a breeze. It's the all-in-one audio system to take with you.

The EVERSE 8 can be conveniently powered from the battery via the integrated 12 V DC connection - ideal for operating a wireless microphone system such as the Electro-Voice RE3 or R300 (See user manual for details) Attach the optional accessory tray to the top of the EVERSE 8 to mount the receiver hardware. A mobile device charging port is provided in case charging is required while streaming. You can place the EVERSE 8 on a tripod for longer reach, set it up long side down as a stage wedge with the 55° monitor angle, or use it upright with the 30° kick-back angle to view from to project from the stage. For stereo setups, the EVERSE 8 is equipped with Bluetooth® True Wireless Stereo Streaming. Flexible features for a truly independent setup, from input to output.

The EVERSE 8 is powered by a highly efficient Class-D amplifier and DSP module, developed in collaboration with the EV sister brand's world-class audio electronics engineering team Dynacord were developed. Pro-level features include an onboard four-channel digital mixer with studio-quality effects and processing, 48V phantom power, feedback cancellation, and audio ducking. With the EV and D seals, you get the best of both worlds.

Use the EV QuickSmart Mobile App to control all audio, effects and mixing functions from your phone or tablet. An intuitive user interface makes it easy to tailor sound to the room, allowing users to focus on their performance instead of the hardware.

A carrying case is available as an option, which can accommodate everything the user needs in addition to their EVERSE 8: accessory compartment and weather protection, wireless microphone and receiver, spare battery, XLR and power cords, and mobile devices.